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Listen... And let your dreams begin on the Sunshine Coast



Sunshine Coast, Gibsons, bc
Given time, the Sun breaks through


Sometimes in life we get so caught up in the whirling busyness around us and need a place to retreat away...  a place where we can re-group, take a breather, re-align our ideas, values, perspectives and dreams. In a world that is rapidly changing it may be necessary to allow that simple day-dream like time we used to enjoy as children to surface in adulthood.


So bring your paint brush and canvas, your pen and journal, your favorite instrument and music, your dance/sports gear, your fishing rod and hooks. Whatever frees your creative self-expression... allow it, encourage it, even develop it. Time is a limited resource that can never be replaced.


Embrace your time here at in Gibsons as you explore your creative side on the Sunshine Coast in B.C. Canada. Allow yourself to learn, grow and experience like you did as a child. You'll feel invigorated, alive and refreshed.

One of Brenda's life values is to continue learning and growing and to remain open to new experiences.  She has her B.A. in Psychology and recently completed her Masters degree in Adult Education. However, it has not been solely through her academic training that she has gained understanding and significance in her life. It is through many alone times, creative times, community times that she had unexpected moments of learning. Becoming aware of her own growth and development has enabled her to be an encouragement and a facilitator in the lives of others. She is a strong supporter of lifelong learning and believes learning moments often occur in the most obscure circumstances. In her academic study most of her time was spent endeavoring to understand people. However, rather than spiral deeper and deeper into the human psyche she focuses on creating space, a place or environment that will support and encourage individual and community revelation and growth. The concept of a retreat environment to facilitate valuable learning has been explored during her academic studies and throughout her life experiences and travels.



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